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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Send Comments to the FCC for Community TV

Tell the FCC:
Support Local TV

Local media is in crisis. Towns and cities across America are losing their commercial news oulets, while pink slips are being handed to the reporters who once covered our communities. We cannot afford to lose any more local media.

Community television can help fill the void left by a collapsing media system. But the most prevalent form -- local public access stations (or PEG channels) -- is under attack by the likes of AT&T and Comcast, which are trying to bury community stations on their networks and make them difficult to find.

You Can Help: Protect Community Television

Free Press has joined forces with local governments, community media producers and other organizations that believe local media play a vital role in our democracy. We're working together to urge the FCC to stop efforts by cable and phone giants to squash public access TV, but we need your help.

The deadline to comment at the FCC expires in less than 36 hours. Please make sure that the commission hears from the public about the importance of local media.

Click here to file your comment

Community stations foster democratic participation in local government by airing town and city council meetings. They are also an outlet for local independent producers and everyday citizens who want to make their own television shows.

For many, public access television is an antidote to media consolidation. We must work together to protect and promote these vital community services.


Candace Clement
Campaign Coordinator
Free Press

1. To learn more and read our filing to the FCC, visit:

2. All comments filed to the FCC are considered a matter of public record. Your comments will be publicly accessible at the FCC Web site. The FCC does not accept comments from outside the United States.

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