Independent Video Producers on San Antonio Public Access TV

Friday, May 11, 2007

Welcome to our Blog

South Texas Media Access

And Media Access for All

This is our blog for this new organization born from the attack on Public Access Television in Texas. We have been fighting a battle to restore public access television after major changes happened due to a statewide cable franchising bill passed in the summer of 2005.

Check our blog to find out what the latest activity is and will be over the next months and years as we work to restore, revitalize and strengthen public access television and other forms of public media in Texas and coordinate with other organizations across the country. This issue is important to everyone across the U.S. San Antonio Texas was one of the 1st cities in the United States to be adversely affected by the statewide cable franchising bills. Other states have and/or will follow.

We are currently working to ensure that we do not los the public access channel in San Antonio, Texas, build a new community media center for the public to use and replace the production studio we lost in December 2005. We are also active in recruiting and training new producers who wish to produce media for television, internet and independent film, using community media resources. Join us in our effort to preserve community media in Texas!

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